Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Knitting, birthday and Mom

That sweater from my last post never was finished. I hate finishing... I should just finish it! I also don't like the yarn, its acrylic which is plastic. I have found a new love and that is sock knitting. I bought a book on knitting socks two-at-time and toe up so I'm doing that. I tried knitting socks on dpns (double pointed needles)but only finished one sock. I get bored easily. I recently finished a beautiful scarf for my brother.
I love it because it is luxury yarn from japan called Noro. It's wool an silk.The colors are stunning and I made it rainbow for him. I wanted to show him that I support him in his life and all that he is. It's a manly yet rainbow scarf.

 My birthday is coming up. I will be 34. No real comment about that...except that I wish I was in a career and not at a job I had when I was 20. I know it's only temporary. I want to go back to school to enhance my degree and become a paralegal. I like to research and perhaps I will like the law and become a lawyer.

   My mom's birthday is the day after mine. She is retiring from her job which is great because Safeway is a hell hole. And now she is blogging. I think it's great and will help her to vent. She has it hard with my grandparents who are getting older and her brothers won't help her.

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