Friday, November 13, 2009

Racial Road Rage in the Parking Lot

So I was turning into a parking spot by my gym. I had my signal on and was waiting for a huge truck to pass so I could park. There were TWO spots there and I had to turn left into it. Instead the guy starts to turn into my car. I rolled down the window and he yelled "What are you doing?!" I said "I'm trying to park there." He said "So am I! I'm backing in. Move your car!"

I move to another spot and as I drive away he yells after me "F-ing B-". I got out of my car, shaking. As I passed him, walking toward the gym building I said, "Calling me a name was not necessary."
"You didn't have your signal on. Learn how to drive!"
"I did have my signal on. You didn't see it. You sir, are immature, calling me names in the parking lot." I said as I was walking away.
"Sure play the racial card!" He yells back.

...? *blink blink*

"What? How is calling you immature anything to do with your race?" I said. (I think he was native. I can't tell.)
"Learn how to drive!" He yelled.
I ignored him and went into the gym, shaking and flustered.

Tell me how is that a racial slur? Are natives called immature? I'm a Native American!! One quarter Native! How how how?? I think it's because it's Friday the 13th.


  1. well remember Rogue is eskimo for stupid. just tell him he was going rogue.

  2. Wow...what tool! ( that being racial?) Where did that saying come from anyways!!????lol